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See, I'm not even lying --> link!


*cough*So Would, uh...would you guys mind terribly helping me with this contest, if you have a Facebook? *puppy eyes* You'd only need to "like" that picture. That "mi piace" over there. Every vote counts and it'd make me a very grateful and happy panda.

I never do shameless self promotion and I'm really sorry to bother you, even the idea of shooting a journal into your inboxes embarrasses me a bit, in general, I really wouldn't do it if it weren't a matter of life and death. uAł *dramatic wrist to the forehead* If I don't win these tickets for the Italian early screening via this contest I'll have to wait till November 20, and that would definitely bring me to a very premature demise (see, told you it was a matter of life and death, I never lie)

We basically have to use that magazine (that comes with a Thor cover and a Loki one) and use it as if it were the characters in a scene we feel would be plausible. I thought first thing Loki would do on Midgard would be to commission a portrait to magnanimously bestow on hios soon-to be-subjects. I actually only wanted to draw a gorget on Loki

So, if you guys could help I'd... I'd...uh, don't make me bribe you, it's immoral. u7ł
I'll give you the full King Loki picture  , how about that? It's interactive, you can draw moustaches on it, or use it as an archery target!

So, basically, help me, please? ;A; *clings to your legs*

And even if you hate me, help my friends? Pretty please?

Here's thenizu 's pic pic
And subaru87's pic pic
And yawed 's : TBA

Also here's a reminder of what happens when you say no to a panda:…
Ok, that was probably a bad move, but I couldn't resist XDDD

Anyway, sorry to spam your inboxes for this, guys, I hope you can help me a little bit. That said, you already have my undying gratitude, but this would be a MORE EXCLUSIVE undying gratitude and I'd personally come over and lick your face. Unless you don't like that, then I would just pet it. :nod:
Thank you! :heart:

Tea-Time of the Soul (JIBcon 2011)

Fri Apr 15, 2011, 5:06 AM
Oh, my, look!! This is a journal!! believe me, only something absolutely brilliant could convince me to actually write one, since I'm too lazy to write in English and, as shocking as it may sound, I'm a bit shy when it comes to posting stuff on the internet. UuU
First of all, I’ve been completely isolated from the internet lately, I hope everyone is doing great >u< <3
Second, JIB con was amazing. This convention fills me with joy and love, and I really have no words to say how amazing the staff is, I have nothing but love and gratitude for them. UuU <333

Everyone, guests included, seemed to be having so much fun and once again it really felt like a big happy family, I've spent three days either laughing or wearing idiotic grins. XD The constant proximity to aredhel87,thenizu,yawed,IceFennek, my personal Crowley, Lavinia and all the other lovely people really didn't help the grinning problem UuU *group hug* :heart:
The actors were lovely as usual, and I had the feeling that they were even more at ease and relaxed than last year xDDD Or was it me and the other fans? This was my second con, so I myself was reeeeally laid back this year, because I knew what to expect from the con and the actors UuU And since at some point I suddenly decided (not that I warned myself in time, I was really shocked in fact) I'm not shy at all, and that I could simply be my idiotic self with everyone, I had some memorable moments xDDD
You really have no idea how much I love the SPN cast, it's not even fangirlism anymore, I sincerely like them because they seem such a bunch of lovely people >u< I really think Rob should be mass-produced, btw. :nod: I literally had cramps from laughing too much during all the panels (special thanks to Mr. Speight Jr. and Mr. Sheppard for being absolutely brilliant. I would pay to relive that panel XDDDD they managed to make everyone in the audience dance and sing "Eye of the Tiger". Finally. I had been waiting for it to happen since the last con. UuU)

Mark Sheppard is such a fanboy that you can't not feel instant love for him xD He talked about his new BBF Neil Gaiman, and Doctor Who, and being a fan etc...and he really enjoyed the group picture I, aredhel87,thenizu and yawed took with him xDDD (it was a SPN/DW crossover obviously UuU Here it is: Nice C R O S S O V E R... by yawed ) .
And since Doctor Who can be crossed over with anything, we also took a StonehengeApocalypse-themed group picture with Misha that included a cyberman head. Building the cyberman head was really a lot of fun for me xDDD I had to make it in a rush, but it doesn't look that bad (although, rough and terribly asymmetrical xD ) , considering that I had had no time to look for the resin i needed ç7ç  

Btw, Misha liked him a lot UuU yes, him, the head is a him, and he has an incredibly manly name, Giuditto (that sometimes inexplicably changes to Janet U.U) Misha actually gave Giuditto-Janet a passionate kiss, and now the poor head feels really confused and a bit lonely, but I'll do my best to cure his heart(?)ache. UuU

Also, I had tea with Misha. (If you don't know anything about the Rhino Scavenger Hunt he organized, this journal will stop making sense from now UuU Not that it made a lot of sense before, but... *cough* ... Anyway, in case, google it. ) I'm a member of Team 3, and I showed him my puzzle piece during the Meet&Greet and told him there was another teammate, the lovely Renate (:heart::heart::heart: ), at the convention. I also managed to make him call me Panda *proud* :rofl::rofl: (well, apparently Federica is terribly difficult to pronounce XD) And then we had a lovely tea during the lunch break xD He’s reeeally really easy to talk with, I was surprised at how normal the little tea party felt °u°’ I was feeling terribly guilty before, because I kept thinking that he looked a bit tired, and I didn’t want to force him to have tea with us (I actually said him that it was ok if he didn’t feel like it, but then his reaction made me realise that  my friends were right in saying that I am indeed a really stupid panda xDDDD). Anyway, lovely person, we mostly talked about the rhino hunt, about how the next scavenger hunt should be, about the JIBconvention(he’s really fond of the JIB, I’m terribly proud of this, and I’m happy for Daniela and the others UuU <3) etc. And we had tea in the proper way U.U Still, since I have no proof other than my  memory yet, I’ve decided I won’t believe it until I see the pictures U.U *twiddles thumbs and waits patiently* °u° *twiddles thumbs and waits* °u° *twiddles thumbs and waits impatiently* =u=

PS: as thenizu did, I want to thank yawed for asking the best questions XDDD
PPS: Cuddles to IceFennek , who's in Sweden now çuç
PPPS: So sad  we couldn't find each other, skart2005  !!!çAç
PPPPS: Almost 50000 pageviews?? When did that happen??? You guys are amazing, I don't deserve you ;A; :glomp:

…I want to visit Idiarussia, btw, it seems such an amazing place UuU

...fine, the "sparkly unicorns" were just to get your attention, 'cause I still haven't figured out how to breed them, sadly. U.U As soon as I do, you'll be the first to know. dèuéb

*cough* Hi, guys! I hope everyone is doing well! :hug: I haven't been very active in the past weeks ;u; I've been on a semi dA-hiatus since July, actually, due to real life being busy, and it will last for a while, I fear, but I'll do my best :3
Anyway, Christmas holidays are near, and I wish you all have a great time!! :heart::glomp::iconlawooplz::party: <333
Eat as many sweets as you can and send what's left to me :9 What. You don't waste sweets, it's not educational. >u>'

Here's some features from people I love <3 (you shall soon find out that I have many mammals among my friends :rofl:)

---three hours later--- Oh, dear, how am I supposed to pick only few deviations from their galleries???? Ooooh, I suck at features... OuO'

:iconilweran: Eli, my quasi-omniscient catpig :heart:
Corruption with licorice by Ilweran Pretty in Pink by Ilweran Masshiro na Chrysanthemia by Ilweran This always puts a smile on my face :'D --> Weird is Cute by Ilweran

:iconsubaru87: Subaru the cake-baking gerbil :heart:
XMAS Presents - KH Axel by subaru87 Happy Wedding Anniversary by subaru87 Ushiwaka by subaru87

:iconlucylullaby: My lovely raccoon, who is indeed "optimal" :heart:

:iconaredhel87: My ferret, and part-time waka poet :heart:
Tonio Treschi Opera lineart by aredhel87 Nat Patmore by aredhel87 Fma - Lust by aredhel87

:iconthenizu: My Big Doggie (and her amazing Tail, that deserves a mention):heart:
My Infinite Variety by thenizu A D A M by thenizu J U S T I C E by thenizu

:iconicefennek: My poet-buddha-wingmaster-fox, co-founder of the WingmaniacsUnited :heart:
The Kings Fisher by IceFennek

Mature Content

Ruin of Innocence by IceFennek
Lady GaGa by IceFennek

:iconnursethalia: My Otterlord, the one and only :heart:
CAS FUUUUUUU by nursethalia Tarot Claire : Page of Cups by nursethalia The Doctor's Angel by nursethalia

:icondeangrayson: My lovely Fox :heart:
Nightwing - Let It Snow by DeanGrayson Michael Dean by DeanGrayson SPN- Gabriel chibi by DeanGrayson

:icontyrus-san: Sweet John :heart:
Zetsu For You 3 by Tyrus-San That Reference by Tyrus-San Lita's Festival Date by Tyrus-San

:iconsquit-head: My fearless Squitagnan (fearless because I've never seen anyone crossing Dublin streets so bravely *A*) :heart:

:iconmyhopeissomewhere: My very huggable Koala :heart:
Silence by myhopeissomewhere Solitude by myhopeissomewhere Neverending World by myhopeissomewhere

:iconyawed: Yawe, the cake-baking barbary ape (b-but it sounds much cuter in Italian, I swear: "Bertuccia" TuT) I think Yawe and the gerbil should have a cake baking competition with me as a judge, btw. *u* :heart:
Two natures at war. by yawed Batch 2 by yawed Behind blue eyes by yawed

:iconp-joart: Colei :D (I'm so proud of this random nickname U^U It's so beautiful U^U Shut up, it is.) :heart:
He's a Pirate - RDJ by P-JoArt Hell or Paradise by P-JoArt Through this Darkness by P-JoArt

:iconbeccj: Lovely Becc, who still hasn't sent me those crocodiles. I wasn't joking, eh! >:'D :heart:

:iconluckyraeve: Raeve, whom I seriously spam too much, sorreh :D *not contrite at all* :heart:
Castiel by luckyraeve M.F.E.O. by luckyraeve Swimmer by luckyraeve

I'll stop now, this journal is getting longer and longer and I'm slowly losing consciousness on the keyboard xDDDDD (it's 2:43 am here OAO)
Hope you enjoy these pretty features! :love:
Happy Holidays, guys, I luv ya!! :icongwompplz: <3333


Sat Nov 20, 2010, 9:24 AM
:iconp-joart: did this in her recent journal, and I was featured, so now I'm paying it forward!

The first ten people who comment on this journal will be featured here, along with three of their pieces hand picked from their gallery by myself.

However, the featured deviants should also do a similar journal and pay it forward. Or not, as you choose, but why not share the courtesy and attention? :)

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2. :iconringozwick: GREEN HAIR by ringozwick A Lady With Business by ringozwick

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Those With Shattered Wings- 1 by ringozwick

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8. :iconpsychedelicsmirk: Worlds of Reflection by PsychedelicSmirk Afternoon Blossom by PsychedelicSmirk Flame Leaves by PsychedelicSmirk

9: :iconlynx-g: Dragon by Lynx-G:thumb157950284: Child at HeartI feel safe inside my mind
But you pressure me out of it.
You tell me
Get your head out of the clouds
Take life seriously.
Start acting your age
Start being an adult
Start growing up
Stop being childish
Be what society
Wants me to be
You tell me
All of that
But you don't understand
You don't get it
I cope
With life
This way
And when you tell me
To leave
That safety behind
I rebel
I push you away
Because you don't know
That I can't cope
Without my childness
I can't cope
With being an adult
I'm a child at heart
And you don't see it

10: :iconoriensphoenix: Chinese lantern by OriensPhoenix Castiel by OriensPhoenix (Orien's new on dA, and she has only 2 devs in her gallery yet. :3  So, instead of a third feature, she gets a biiiiig hug :tighthug: and another one, for her sister :hug: )


Thu May 27, 2010, 10:06 AM
So, I got tagged by Avverix-Deaguta and subaru87 (yes, like, 3 months ago, I remembered now, sorry, Giulia XDDDD )

1) Post these rules
2) Post 10 true things about yourself
3) At the end you must tag 8 people and post their icons
4) Go to their page and send them a message
saying you tagged them

1) I am terrified of spiders (mmmmh, is this tag thing a clever way to induce me to disclose my weaknesses????? mh, let's try to be more generic)

2) I like pie (too generic)

3) I'm loyal. I have a dog personality. =P

4)I always tell the truth. Except when I lie.

5) I look like a supermodel *checks the rules* riiiight, "true things",I  see...scratch that one then.

6)I hate pears. Seriously. I can't stand them. Except maybe when they're on a pie (see point 2) and even then, they need to be covered in chocolate, and I need not to be aware of what's under the chocolate. Geez, just get me a different pie.

7) I'm lazy, and I could stare at fire, water, or clouds for hours without getting bored.

8) Eight????? Still 8? I'm never gonna finish this!! °A° Can I skip point 8? I don't like 8! What happens if I break the rules? *panics*


10) I'm an awful person, with a dark, cold heart. (naaah, not really...I just thought no one would write that in their journal, and I wanted to be original)

Ah well I'm too lazy (see point 7) to tag someone in particular, so I tag YOU. Yes, YOU. You can't escape this. I know, I'm an awful person (see point 10).

Now I can go back to my lurking/studying. *drags self out of dA*

...seriously, they put pears even on pizza. Pears and gorgonzola cheese? It's a travesty, I say.


Fri May 21, 2010, 1:52 AM
I've been wanting to write this for a few days, now, but I barely have time so breathe, lately. >_>' Well, better late than never :D

I wanted to thank you guys for all the love you're showing me! :love: :glomp: the pageviews, the faves, the llamas, the lovely comments, you really are fantastic and I can't thank you enough :hug: And a big big big thank you to the new watchers, I'd usually thank you guys personally, and it's really bothering me that I haven't done it yet, but as I said, these days are mad!!!

So, thanks a lot, and have a great day, everybody!! :hug::heart::heart:

Trivia: I chose a moleskine skin because I have this moleskine in real life, and I kinda love it X°DDDDDD

  • Listening to: Donald where's your trousers
  • Reading: University stuff
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: dumb
  • Eating: fruit cake *v*
  • Drinking: tea
As you might have noticed, I'm not a journal person ^^; This entry will probably remain on my page for years, but I felt I had to write something while the memory is still fresh XD
Well, JIBcon was AMAZING!! I'm so happy for the staff, I'm sure they'll be getting lots of thankful mails in the next days XDDD Sure, there were organization problems on the first day, but they were all magically sorted out the day after, and everything ran smoothly. Everyone had a great time, and when I say everyone, I mean both us and the actors. They were lovely, and kept saying that we were the best crowd they had ever had. I have to say I'm really proud of us, no rabid, embarassing fangirls, so the actors where pretty much free to walk among fangirls (well, there were a lot of guys, too, surprisingly °__°) without being bothered...or glomped. Well, except for Jared and Jensen, it took them a while to realize they were safe XDD. The latter looked wary at first, but got more relaxed on the last day, and even sang and played guitar onstage XDDD In the end, everyone felt loved, and the atmosphere was wery warm and relaxed. At the closing ceremony, everyone was moved to tears, really TvT
I have to spend a few words for Misha and Jim, who were the best, really XDDD
They say you should never meet your heroes, but I was really positively surprised by Misha (he is taller than I expected, btw °__°)who seems like a really nice person <333 (e////e they fact that he seemed genuinely happy about my presents, and said that I'm amazing, and that I'm a great artist *cough* pretty much made my year and made me melt into a really embarassed but thankful puddle */////* :iconblushplz: ) (ehm... I kept not noticing Jensen because I was too focused on Misha, shame on me!! :rofl: Btw, Jensen is excessively gorgeous in person O___O he...shines) Also,I don't know if Misha really needed to go to the toilet every five minutes, or if he just wanted to make sure we had our dayly dose of heart attacks.XD
And Jim, he was adorable!! I really fell in love with him! he was really happy about the con, the people, the atmosphere, and so on, and so easy-going with everyone (he hugs a lot, gyu <333 )His T-shirt was amazing ahahahah 8D
So, uhm, this journal is gettin too long, I really hope someone will read it, but I'm writing this mainly for me, to remember these days. I really had a lot of fun with old friends, new friends, and friends who live far away, that I had the chance to meet, finally <333
So, my thanks go to the staff, who made this wonderful event possible, and to the actors, who were great XD and to the very well behaved bunch of people that partecipated. *v*