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October 25, 2012
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Special Edition Cap Trading Card by Nimloth87 Special Edition Cap Trading Card by Nimloth87
This is a present for my dear *luckyraeve :'D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAEVE! :glomp: <3<3 I hope you have a wonderful day! (well aside from the devastating feels hangover ;A; )

Let me explain. You know when you draw stupid things to make your friends smile? This is what's happening. I'm sure it must happen even to Captain America sometimes. And since no-one except the Hulk actually witnessed the Hulksmash, maybe someone asked Cap to aid their imagination with a very simple animation.
And maybe then they decided to turn it into a trading card as a get well soon for Coulson (I have no idea what the status of Agent coulson in the MCU currently is, what with the SHIELD series and the Power of Denial of millions of people XD) Ah well, I tried. The truth is that this is a case of "I made it up as I went along" But, oh, you get 1 Cap + 2 bonus Hulks and 2 bonus Lokis. U^U

Note #1: Cap can draw with those gloves because of the supersoldier serum. Really. The supersoldier serum is the basic explanation for everything. Well, that and "Loki did it".

Note #2: This might seem a tad off topic to anyone who doesn't live in my brain, but if you are a Journey into Mystery reader and therefore, by definition, in need of a hug, my arms are always open \T^T/

Note #3: Crossposted on my Tumblr, where I'll probably post the pencil drawing and the two hulksmash sketches too, because you can't really see them properly here :'D

Hope you like it, guys! :hug: <3

I used a ref for the face :3

Steve Rogers belongs to Marvel UuU
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FR0NTERA Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  New member Student Artist
I recognize that reference. lolz Looking sweet!
WindowArtist1994 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! I love it!
Ombre-pluie Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
mouhahahaah, nothing else to say.
goldenpuon Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the innocent, unassuming look on his face while he shows off the drawing! lol Excellent job! :)
Arlome Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nimloth87 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
*U* Thank you! :glomp:
miamary123456 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miamary123456 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ClearWillow Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
This is one of the best things I've come across in a good while! I can't figure out what I find funnier, Cap's expression or the 'animation', but I love it! :)
Nimloth87 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Ahh thank you so much for your super-nice comment! :hug: <3
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