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Mythology And Folklore Contest
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And now, to the all-important contest.
You have all heard the saying that one image can speak a thousand words, well we're asking you now to think about creating a piece of art that helps to tell us a story.
Throughout history human beings have told many stories, and we want you focus on those stories that have long since become myth.
It can be from anything you like, Greek mythology, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Native American. Anything, so long as it is an actual myth or folk story and not one of your own making. And we want your art to help tell us that story. (We are very demanding ladies you know. :P)
You can create art based on anything from King Arthur to Odin.
For example, I might create a piece created on this tale I heard as a child:
An old lonely fisherman went walking on the beach one full moon, and in the pale moonl
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Ruffles (The Mighty)
Here's Ruffles, he's a griffon chick. Also a majestic beast. 
I posted this a while ago on my FB page but not here for some reason, so have him in all his fluffy glory. 

I want a griffon friend so badly, guys. So badly. *sobs at the injustice of their non-existence* 

FB post:…
Tumblr post:…
She's beauty, she's grace, she'll stab your book in the preface. *derp* I need to work on this.

I wanted to practice colouring greyscale using a gradient map + glaze layers in soft light. This is probably the first time I'm happy with this tecnique (I reserve my right to change my mind in half an hour) but I'm still very confused about colouring skin this way, even if just as a starting point. *scratches head*

Blue scarf courtesy of Dorian Pavus. Quite possibly the number one item a warrior should not wear in combat, but what do we know. Red templars were most definitely harmed in the making of this fanart.

Dragon Age belongs to BioWare. Art belongs to me :'D

Tumblr post:…
FB post:…
"PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS in a frankly stunning living space" - Dorian Pavus at some point, probably.

The trash is strong with this fanart, I know. Too sparkly?
While not 100% happy with this, I'm happy that I finished and that I managed to do something that gives a little bit of justice to my best fictional bro (I started so many Dragon Age fanarts in the past year and a half, but I was never happy).
I romanced Cullen but there's no denying Dorian is the most important person to my Inquisitor, Cullen will have to live with that UuU :heart: 

Also I like his form of necromancy a lot. It's quite hygienic isn't it. 

Gods, I hope Dragon Age 4 comes out soon because I don’t think I’m going to last if this goes on much longer.

*twiddles thumbs waiting for DA 4* 
*twiddles them some more*
*checks watch*

Done in Procreate+Photoshop
Tumblr post:…
Facebook page:

EDIT (2.2.17): OMG. GUYS. THANK YOU. :tighthug:
What would I give for a Charmander'd be grumpy too if you could only find Staryus in your area.

Hi guys, I'm not dead! It's been a long time, I hope life's going well for you. :'D I'll write a journal one of these days to greet you properly. *hugs*

Put a moderate mature content tag on this because dA policy states that if your work reveals "a full female breast including nipples, you should assign this tag" and gosh, now that I look at it I realise she's got not only one but two of those! *puts Patrick Star on both of them for the sake of decency* 

This was painted in Procreate and finished with Photoshop, it was fun :'D

My Tumblr…
My Facebook page…


We won the Thor 2 tickets!!  A huge thank you to those who helped, you have our endless  gratitude *enthusiastically licks your face* :tighthug: :heart::heart::heart: Those who didn't help don't get a single lick, sorry (you're devastated, I imagine)

Also, I kind of suck at keeping this journal, I know myself and there's the chance I won't update it for another 2 years, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the support, it really means a lot to me. I have the self esteem of an amoeba (*googles "amoebas self esteem research" because is unsure how much self esteem unicellular organisms actually have, they could be arrogant jerks for all I know*) most of the time and your support keeps me improving. So, yeah, I really love you guys and I owe you a lot ;u; <3 :tighthug:

Totally going to stalk Esad Ribic at Lucca Comics. I really really really need to give him a hug >u< :heart: There's probably going to be Hell on Earth around him at the signing sessions, but a panda can dream.


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